In May this year I ran into the former curator of the Elders / Elders-GM / Elders IXL / Foster’s Art Collection which Foster’s sold in 2005. As a result, I will begin work later this year on developing a DVD to show most of the paintings and other information about the collection - which was started by Sir Norman Giles in the 1950’s.

carrarapic This is a scene I created on 2008 on my PC in a 3D modelling program. The main use of the 3D program for me is to create titles (both animated and still) and backgrounds for videos. oldhomepage The above was my previous Home Page for many years. The layout was controlled by Dreamweaver AP tags (Absolute Positioning) which are now frowned upon as old fashioned. At least they worked, and I've used an AP tag on this page to position the Welcome section on the left of this sidedar.

If you click on the images on this page (except the Streeton painting in the left sidebar) it will link to a larger image.

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Self portrait - adjusted with Nik Color Efex


Welcome to my new home page created in Dreamweaver CS4.

This page is still under construction in Dreamweaver while I learn how to create exactly the layout I want, using HTML and CSS so that the page will eventually look as I intend.

In the meantime, all the links work, and you can click below to go to the now retired home page produced in Xara Web Designer.

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I’ve been planning to develop a new website for many years and this year I’ve decided it was time I did something about it.

The first challenge to was to learn how to use CSS style sheets to control the presentation of the site. For years I’ve tried to learn CSS but for me it seemed to be on the same difficulty level as higher mathematics, and it involves working with code.

I’ve created a progress report on my efforts to learn CSS and it is listed in the left sidebar.

To my surprise, I found that I now do a good deal of my work in the code view of Dreamweaver CS4. I actually wrote the code for the navigation bar in the code view of Dreamweaver.

Winter Solstice 2009, Melbourne

This page was first published as my home page on the day of the Winter Solstice 2009 in Melbourne - 21 June 2009.

You may not find that bit of information very exciting, but I had to write something to make this Main Content section go down further than the sidebars, otherwise it looks messy.